Last Update: 15 April 2021


The purpose of this policy is to set out the circumstances and procedure in which we may withhold learner achievements from learners.


On occasions it may be necessary for BeeZee College of Management & Aesthetics to withhold learner achievements. Reasons for this could include, but are not limited to:

  • an incident of centre or learner maladministration and/or malpractice has occurred which could compromise the validity of learner achievements
  • learner achievements are incorrect or have been issued in error
  • technical issues experienced by us or you
  • financial grounds (in exceptional circumstances)
  • there is reasonable evidence that we may not be able to comply with our regulatory conditions by issuing learner achievements.

In the event the college withhold learner achievements, we will securely store learner achievements until further notice or forward the learner achievements to our respective awarding bodies if needed.

It is our aim that any learner who has successfully met the requirements of the qualification or product, should expect to receive their achievement in a timely manner irrespective of outstanding fees or internal disputes. But, there may be times when the college may need to withhold learner achievement following an identified incident of maladministration and/or malpractice. This should be dealt with in compliance with the respective Malpractice Policy, which can be downloaded from our website www.beezeecollege.com.


  1. How we will inform you of a decision to withhold learner achievements

In the event that we decide to withhold learner achievements:

  • We will notify you in writing detailing what action we have taken. This may be in conjunction with other ongoing activities, for example a maladministration and/or malpractice investigation.
  • We will provide you with a decision in writing once we have conducted any necessary activities.

2 What happens when we send a request to our awarding body to withhold learner achievements

  • We submit a request in writing, which is acknowledged normally within five working days.
  • They in turn conduct a review of our request and any additional evidence we have submitted. This review period will usually be complete within ten working days of receipt of the request and will determine if they will approve our request to withhold learner achievements or not. In making this determination, they may ask for further information/evidence to support the request.
  • Once a decision has been reached they will inform us in writing to inform you if they have approved or rejected our request:
    • Request approved – they will outline the approval conditions and will require an update every 5 working days in order to review the approval arrangements. The awarding body reserve the right to withdraw its approval; in the event they decide to withdraw approval it will be in writing, they will also instruct the release of any outstanding learner achievements.
    • Request rejected – they will provide us with an explanation which will detail why they have rejected our request and instruct the release of any outstanding learner


Learners have the right to express their dissatisfaction regarding our actions, products or services. Please see and follow our Complaints Procedure, which is available on our website, for more information.

This policy has been approved & authorised by:


Position: Director

Date: 20th November 2021



Review of Policy: 20 April 2022