Student Support Policy

Last Update: 15 April 2021


BeeZee College of Management & Aesthetics is committed to supporting students as they work towards fulfilling their academic and personal potential. Together as staff and students we form a community working to facilitate learning within a culture based on mutual respect in which individual rights, responsibilities and diverse needs are promoted. As such it is in our combined best interests especially for the students themselves that the college provides a supporting and enriching environment in order that all are able to develop and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Scope of Policy

This policy is particularly focused on supporting students to achieve their potential and therefore considers the key barriers that may occur within the students’ experience:

  • Special Learning Needs
  • Emotional Needs
  • Psychological Needs and
  • Mitigating Circumstances

Supporting students with special needs

One of the driving principles of the college is to recruit students from diverse backgrounds. Therefore, BeeZee College of Management & Aesthetics is committed to developing academic processes to enable learning and progression for all, leading to adaptations of teaching, learning or assessment activity where relevant and practicable.

The College supports all prospective and current, applicant / students. All applications are considered in the first instance based on academic merit and relatable drive without reference to disability. The college then endeavours to make such practicable and reasonable adjustments to each and every applicant student with a disability or requiring any kind of special support. In doing so BeeZee College will align, where feasible, its policies and procedures to ncfe and/or vtct approach, making reasonable adjustments to support all individuals to meet their particular needs.

The College continues to take every possible initiative to continuously improve its student support systems with specific reference to meet the special needs of any vulnerable student with visible and invisible difficulties. Information about students’ needs will be managed consistently with established industry practices.

To ensure this objective, the college proposes to include a standard – essential item on the agenda of all student body meetings and other committee meetings to identify such areas requiring additional infrastructure and adjustments. The desire to further develop an inclusive approach and to meet individual student needs will also be reflected into teaching and assessment activities. This will manifest, for example, in reasonable adjustments to assessment (e.g. extra-time for assessment or adaptation of examination condition without giving any unfair advantage) and teaching (e.g. provision of slides in advance and with appropriate font/colour choices) to support those students disclosing to BeeZee College specific conditions and needs.

Information about students’ needs will be treated with utmost confidentiality and only disclosed to members of staff when necessary to improve learning and support environmentor activities. Students will be informed about the management of the information relating to their disabilities or special needs and their consent will be sought before sharing any information. Exceptions to this specific issue are in relation to demonstrable serious risk to life and health of the student and others, and with reference to general laws and regulations.

Emotional Needs

BeeZee College is committed to ensuring that students are entitled to receive education and training free from threat, oppression, or abuse. The student disciplinary process reinforces the view that bullying and harassment are unacceptable and inconsistent with College objectives. Bullying or harassment of any form will not be tolerated. Staff will be available to support all students with emotional needs whether arising from within the college or external circles of influence. In line with the detailed safeguarding policy, students are free to discuss concerns in private with college staff.

All staff will set a good example to students and promote mutual co-operation and respect within the College community and make plain the College’s attitude towards bullying and harassment.

The College will provide specialist advice and guidance on bullying and harassment during the college Induction period and through its tutorial provision.

Any incidents of bullying will be reported to the relevant Centre Manager who may seek advice from the Director. Staff will act, without delay and positively; when bullying or harassment of any kind are reported or observed. The College’s student disciplinary procedure will be instigated as appropriate.

Psychological Needs

At times an individual’s mental health may not be as resilient as expected due to varying factors related to modern lifestyles within a global community. BeeZee College of Management & Aesthetics does not judge individuals in anyway based on their resilience to these pressures.

Opportunity to discuss these needs with a member of staff can always be made. Initial and private contact can be with the Academic Manager or Head of Sales and Marketing. Discussion will be made regarding what personalised support is required to sustain the student and whether this can be located within the college or if a referral to an external agency is required.

Depending on the potential for the student to achieve the relevant qualification within the previously agreed schedule, further discussion, at an appropriately sensitive time, will be undertaken to explore the relevance of a temporary deferment of studies. This is always discussed with the view that the student will be able to resume studies and achieve their desired qualification.

Mitigating Circumstances

At times unplanned and severe events occur that may have a significant impact on a student’s ability to meet an assessment deadline. BeeZee College of Management & Aesthetics understands this and as such will support all students within the Extensions, Extenuating and Change of Circumstances policy and procedure to minimise the effect on the assessment outcome.

This policy has been approved & authorised by:

Name: Mahwish Naqvi

Position: Director / Lecturer

Date: 20th April 2021

Signature: Mahwish Naqvi


Review of Policy: 20 April 2022