Equal Opportunities Learner’s Charter

“Everyone has a part to play in ensuring we achieve equality of opportunity. We believe that a positive attitude towards equality and diversity is right for our people, our clients and our business suppliers. This means that we must encourage all our people to welcome diversity and respect each person’s individuality”.

BeeZee College of Management & Aesthetics is committed to ensuring that the admissions process will be open and transparent and that no individual or group receives less favourable treatment by virtue of age, disability, economic status, faith, gender, marital status, sexuality, race, colour, and nationality, ethnic or national origin.

The following Learner Charter has been drawn up stating the standards of service you can expect to receive as a learner of BeeZee College of Management & Aesthetics.

At BeeZee College you can expect to:

  • receive a highly quality learning experience
  • be given equal opportunities and treated fairly
  • be treated with courtesy
  • have access to advice, guidance and support to ensure your choices are informed ones and that your learning needs are met
  • learn in a healthy and safe environment
  • be provided with timely and appropriate information on your progress
  • have staff listen to any issues, suggestions or concerns you may have, and to respond in a relevant manner

In turn as a learner at BeeZee College, we would like you to:

  • be fully committed to your course
  • treat our staff with courtesy
  • provide us with appropriate information to help us meet your learning and assessment needs
  • ensure that your behaviour contributes to a healthy and safe environment
  • abide by any rules specifically relating to on-line assessment
  • communicate issues, suggestions or concerns using the procedures outlined in your Student

If for any reason you wish to make a formal complaint, then please access our formal complaints procedure on the website or email Hamid Naqvi on beezee@beezeecollege.com

This policy has been approved & authorised by: