Level 2 Certificate in Mathematics

NCFE Aim Reference: 60110910 GLH: 170 Age Restriction: Pre-16
Qualification Number:601/1091/0 TQT: 170 Registration End Date:  31/07/2022
Level: 2 Minimum Credits: 17

The qualification is currently under development and the new version will be available for registrations from 1/08/2022


This qualification has been designed to provide learners with knowledge and understanding of the key areas of maths: using numbers, measures, shapes and space, and handling data.

This qualification is suitable for learners aged pre-16 and above. The qualification is designed for adult learners who’ve not achieved GCSE (A*–C) or Level 2 Functional Skills in Maths and who wish to take their first qualification in the subject. The qualification will support learners with an identified skills gap in Maths and can be used to support progression into GCSE (A*- C) or Level 2 Functional Skills in Maths. However, this qualification may also be suitable for those learners still in education, i.e. 16–18 year olds, who’ve not achieved GCSE (A*- C) or Level 2 Functional Skills in Maths. The qualifications could also be used by pre-16 learners who aren’t following a traditional GCSE route in education. The qualification can also support learners undertaking a vocational programme to develop their skills in Maths. The qualification could be taken by learners following a GCSE programme of learning who are not yet ready to take GCSE level studies in Maths.

Functional Skills in English and Maths
Maths Tutorial

Aims and Objectives

The qualification aims to:

  • provide learners with the underpinning knowledge and skills to support the development of their understanding of using numbers, measures, shape and space and handling data
  • offer breadth and depth of study, incorporating a key core of knowledge
  • support progression into GCSE or level 2 Functional Skills qualifications in maths

The objectives of this qualification are to help learners to:

  • work with whole numbers
  • work with fractions
  • work with decimals and percentages
  • use measurement
  • work with 2 dimensional (2D) and 3 dimensional (3D) shape and space
  • work with statistics
  • work with probability
  • work with algebra

Qualification Structure

To be awarded the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Maths, learners are required to successfully complete 7 mandatory units and 1 optional unit.

To achieve this qualification, learners must successfully demonstrate their achievement of all learning outcomes of the units as detailed in the qualification specification. The level 2 Maths qualification suite offers a number of single-unit awards, themed awards and a certificate based on the following units:

– Working with whole numbers (L/505/2752)

– Working with fractions (R/505/2753)

– Working with decimals and percentages (Y/505/2754)

– Working with measurement (D/505/2755)

– Working with 2D and 3D shapes and space (H/505/2756)

– Working with statistics (K/505/2757)

– Working with probability (M/505/2758)

– Working with algebra (T/505/2759)

– Working with mathematical skills (K/505/2760)

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