Centre Contingency & Adverse Effects Policy

Last Update: 20 July 2021


This policy aims to ensure a planned and measured response in the event of significant disruption to BeeZee College of Management & Aesthetics operations to safeguard students’ interests while maintaining the integrity of the assessment system and safeguarding qualification standards. The plans outlined in this policy will be implemented in response to a significant disruption to College operations. The specific actions applied will be selected based on the context of the disruption. If a major disruption occurs which requires involvement from official external agencies, such as Police, Fire Services, Medical Services, actions taken will be subject to the advice provided by the respective agency.

The priority when implementing contingency plans will be to maintain the following principles:

  • Delivering courses to published timetables.
  • Delivering assessments to published timetables.
  • Delivering results to published timetables.
  • Complying with regulatory requirements concerning assessment, marking and standards.


  • In the event of a local disruption, communication to lecturers and students will be undertaken through the administration team, following approval from the Senior Management Team.
  • In the event of a significant disruption, details of specific contingencies will be communicated to all relevant parties – internally and externally – to ensure contingencies are carried out effectively and efficiently.

BeeZee College is committed to:

  • sharing timely and accurate information as required to meet the aims of the plan.
  • communicating with stakeholders so they are aware of disruption and contingency measures being implemented and any actions required of them as a result.
  • ensuring that all communication is clear and accurate.

Potential Risks and Associated Contingencies

Whilst it is unrealistic to detail all possible risks associated with the operations of BeeZee College of Management & Aesthetics, the following section aims to identify some main considerations regarding contingency planning in response to adverse effects.

Teaching staff extended absence at key points in the academic year:


BeeZee College of Management & Aesthetics will arrange alternative teaching staff within the institution concerned at the earliest opportunity. If the existing staff are unable to undertake the additional workloads, BeeZee College will seek to employ additional academic staff either on a full-time or part-time basis to ensure all outstanding duties are covered.

Failure of IT systems


BeeZee College of Management & Aesthetics has an IT Policy and Back up and Restoration Policy and has clear processes in place to prevent IT failures and resolve issues promptly. The College maintains secured backups for all types of assessment and feedback to students and would be capable of retaining such records should a disruption to the IT systems occur. In the case of sustained disruption to IT systems, BeeZee College would also liaise with relevant external agencies, such as the awarding body or regulators, to inform them of the disruption, its impact, and plans for resolution.

Disruption of teaching time – center closed for an extended period


The College would communicate with learners about the potential for disruption to teaching time and how they plan to address this. Lecturers would aim to correspond with students to support learning and guide students on accessing course materials and submitting assignments online. If the centre is closed for an extended period, the College will arrange an alternative and suitable teaching space.

Center unable to distribute results as normal


The College would initiate immediate communication with the awarding body to discuss alternative options. Students would be contacted promptly to explain the situation and outline the resolution plan.

Withdrawal of Qualifications


BeeZee College of Management & Aesthetics is committed to putting the interests of students first. It undertakes to take all reasonable steps to protect students’ interests should a qualification or unit be withdrawn for whatever reason and by whichever body. The College will make every effort to ensure that students are not registered onto qualifications that are due to be withdrawn before the date that students could reasonably be expected to complete the qualification.

Where there appear to be students unlikely to complete their studies before the qualification end date, BeeZee College will take all reasonable steps to identify an alternative qualification, or an alternative centre (in consultation with the student(s) concerned) to make the necessary transfers and other arrangements in order to enable learners to achieve their desired qualification wherever possible. In the extreme case of no alternative centre being available for student transfer, BeeZee College would provide financial reimbursement of pro-rated tuition fees to support students in the future completion of their qualification.

Pandemic situations


In the wake of Covid-19 Pandemic and the resulting lock-down measures and shielding advise shared by the NHS and the government, BeeZee College of Management & Aesthetics, while continuing its committed to putting the interests of our staff and students first, have put together the following immediate measures and this list may be amended as the situation evolves.

Virtual Classrooms: Partnering with Microsoft, BeeZee College has introduced virtual classrooms for all disciplines to continue engaging with the students and impart further instructions to continue with course credits in close consultation and as per agreed guidelines of the awarding bodies. All students and staff have been provided with unique identification details for them to logon to the Microsoft Teams Meeting platform where an unlimited number of students can interact with their respective teachers for an unspecified timeframe. Classes will be scheduled for a max of 1 hour but can extend if needed for extra Q&A sessions. Teachers are allowed to create break-out rooms to group students according to their work assignments and to easily manage the session. An administrator is always present on hand to assist the teacher for all technical requirements as well as assist the teacher to monitor any break-out rooms as and when required. The system also allows for quizzes to be conducted online or to share files or specific course material as and when needed. All students are left on mute by default but can virtually raise their arm for their mic to be switched on by the administrator. Students also have the opportunity to ask questions or share comments/feedback via a chat channel on the session being monitored by the administrator, who can club all similar questions to pose to the teacher as per requirement.

For subjects requiring practical labs, these will be conducted as per agreed guidelines shared by the awarding body in their policy guidelines or can be arranged to be held at a later date as and when the situation allows.

On-line Examinations: Meeting the criteria set above for invigilation, students completing their course requirements will be invited to sit in on-line exams as developed by the respective awarding bodies.

Social Distancing: As students return to classroom teaching and/or practical training, social distancing measures will be strictly adhered to maintaining a minimum distance of 2 meters. This means that students will be divided into sub-groups and required to attend in their class bubbles as allotted and work within the constraints and allowances agreed with the awarding bodies. All students will be required to wear appropriate PPE, and at minimum face coverings and gloves at all times when on site.

Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfecting: BeeZee College will allow for deep cleaning and disinfection between sessions to minimize the spread of the virus as best as possible.

Lateral Flow Testing: Working closely with the Watford Burrough Council, BeeZee College of Management and Aesthetics has arranged to provide LFT Kits on site and all staff and students will be required to take a Lateral Flow Test and register results with the NHS portal at least 24 hours prior to coming to the College. All concerned will be required to show a negative result confirmed by the portal prior to entering the building.