Rules & Regulations

Students are expected to conduct themselves responsibly within and outside of the College. Misbehaviour could result in a student being suspended.


Disciplinary Action

Any Complaints of misconduct will, wherever possible, be first dealt with informally by consultation between the student(s) and the appropriate staff concerned. Informal counselling forms part of the procedure and, conducted at an early stage, helps prevent the escalation of a problem into a formal disciplinary matter. At the early stage, the process will be:

  • 1st Verbal Warning
  • 2nd Verbal Warning

Formal procedures shall only commence where informal action has failed or is considered inappropriate. The process will be:

1- Written Warning 

2- Final Written Warning

3- Suspension

4- Termination

PLEASE NOTE: In the case of an overseas student on Work-Based Learning program, a copy of all correspondence is shared with the employer.