Course Fee will be reviewed before the start of September semester every year. Fees are payable in full at the time of enrolment and before attending classes, by cash, Credit/Debit card or cheque, made payable to BeeZee College of Management and Aesthetics (BZCMA).

Please note that course fees do not include the cost of course materials and textbooks or examination or accreditation fees. Inaction of the additional costs for course materials is given within the course details. Learners in receipt of fee discounts are not exempt from these charges.

Fee Refund Policy

  1. All fees must be paid in full via cheque, cash or international bank transfer, prior to course commencement. If paying by international bank transfer, please contact the Finance Officer who will provide the College bank details


  1. Students withdrawing from their studies will not receive a refund of fees unless withdrawal is supported by a medical certificate.


  1. International students whose visa applications are refused may receive a refund within 28 days of supplying proof of such refusal, minus an administration fee of £150. Any


  1. No changes to academic programmes may be made after 4 weeks from the date of commencement of the original course chosen.


  1. In case of course change, the first 4 weeks fees  of the original chosen course of study must be retained to cover services rendered.


  1. If the fee for the new course exceeds that of the original course, then the balance is to be paid upon changing to the new course. If the fee for the new course is less than that of the course originally chosen, then the difference will be refunded to the student after deduction as stipulated in Para 5 above. 


  1. All applicants agree to register with the relevant Professional Body and allow Academy to provide their examination results to such bodies for evaluation purposes.


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