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Health & Social Care

Health & Social Care often referred to as HSC or H&SC is a term that relates to services that are available from health and social care providers in the UK. This is a generic term used to refer to the whole of the healthcare provision infrastructure, and private sector.

BeeZee College of Management and Aesthetics  aims to provide best in class education Programs in the field of Social Care and Health Care. All our courses are taught in compliance of all of the standards followed in United Kingdom.

As a subject discipline, Health and Social Care (H&SC) combines elements of sociology, biology, nutrition, law, and ethics. Typically, students of Health and Social Care will have a work placement alongside their academic studies; such a placement may take place in a nursery, residential home, hospital, or other caring establishment. Others may take a health and social care course as a route to further qualifications hoping that it will lead to employment within the sector.

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