Attendance Policy

Students must attend classes as directed by the College during term time. Students must be punctual to classes; three late-comings will count as one absence. Where attendance falls below the accepted level of the College, students are either suspended or may not be allowed to take examinations.

Absence of three days or more has to be supported by a medical certificate from the Student’s doctor.

Please Note: As per the latest changes in UK student immigration. Institutions will have specific, defined responsibilities to report visa students who do not attend class and will be directly answerable to UKVI for maintaining correct and verifiable records of student contact details. The specific staff named in the application will report a student if ten standard contacts missed, and the Student remains untraceable for ten working days since the last missed contact. Since the Student is accepted as a visiting student under the control of immigration, UKVI will maintain vigilance and follow up on these requirements closely. For latest updates and information, please visit