Assessment Policy


  • To ensure the maintenance of academic quality and standards
  • To ensure the awarding bodies play an active part in the student assessment process
  • To provide information on whether a student is ready to proceed or to qualify for the award at the level specified.
  • To enable students to obtain feedback on their learning and assist them to improve their performance.
  • To enable staff to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching.

The assessment requirements comply with those issued by the Awarding bodies.

Modules are assessed by the methods and criteria described in the syllabus and are provided by the Awarding body on its website.

It is the responsibility of the Programme Leader to ensure that the assessment procedures are followed fully at the final module and assessment Points. Staffs are required to introduce regular checks of the documentation and assessment regulations as well as dialogue with the relevant Awarding Bodies.

The Academic head/Programme Leader is responsible for liaising with the Awarding Bodies in terms of sending work to be assessed. The College ensures that its lines of communication with the Awarding Bodies are constantly updated.

Assessment Regulations


– To ensure the integrity of the assessment process.

– The Assessment Regulations are provided as standard regulations for levels 4/5/6/7 by the relevant Awarding Bodies and the College works in accordance with these regulations.

Module Assessment


– To ensure that marking is fair and accurate.

– To ensure that the Learning Outcomes have been appropriately achieved.

– To ensure that the process is transparent and verifiable by moderators and external examiners.

Assessment criteria are fully described by the Awarding bodies. Module forms and project briefs also contain detailed information.

The Programme Leader/tutor is responsible for the overall approved content of each module, briefing students and conducting critiques.

The Programme Leader is responsible for coordinating the teaching team and ensuring the approved assessment criteria as explained in the Student Prospectus.

The process should be accompanied by full oral and written feedback to students using the official pro-formats provided by the college.

Assessment Processes


To provide a step by step guide to the Assessment Process.


This section provides a description of the Assessment Process, covering setting, marking, moderation and return of results. A schedule of dates of the various stages in the process is produced by the Awarding Body. This information is collected from the Awarding Bodies. The schedule is published and made available to staff and students on the Awarding Body’s website.

All the final Assessments are done through examination which is moderated by the awarding bodies.

Feedback to students

The College only conducts assessment in form of assignments and mock examinations. Students are normally given oral or written feedback after work has been marked. The College expectations are that a student should receive feedback within 3 weeks of the submission date. The feedback should include the identification of areas of improvement and commend positive aspects of the work and should reflect the stated Learning Outcomes.

Tutorial Support

Academic staff provides personal and tutorial support to students to help them in their studies and to support them in their progress.

Internal verification of student assignments will be carried out using the internal policy set out by the college. Presently the Principal is the qualified assessor and she along with the aide of the Internal verifier and Quality Assurer holding “A1” qualifications, from VTCT carry out the assessment of student portfolios. The tutors will continuously receive relevant training in Assessing and Verification through the awarding body.

Awarding Bodies work with the College in establishing the Internal Verification process and BZCMA ensures to make the programmes run smoothly. The College IV system covers all items as follow:

  • Equal opportunity
  • Candidates satisfaction
  • Carrying out and evaluating internal assessment and quality assurance systems
  • Supporting assessors
  • Monitoring the quality of assessors performance
  • Meeting external quality assurance requirements
  • Monitoring and supporting others in placements

Assessment Processes:

Student Performance and Internal Assessment Marks

Students are given a Transcript with grades as listed below with Certificate.

Grade A – Distinction 70% and above

Grade B – Credit 60% to 69%

Grade C – Pass 50% to 59%

Grade D – Marginal Pass 40% to 49%

Grade F – Fail 39% and under

External Examiners

External Examiners may be appointed by the Awarding Bodies who are responsible for assessing and marking examination papers. The rules and regulations regarding external examiners are controlled by the Awarding Bodies.

External Examiners’ Reports

After each examination period, external examiners submit their report to the awarding bodies. The awarding bodies in turn share these reports with BZCMA.